How to pick the perfect boy name for your country’s population

A new report from the Population Reference Bureau shows that in 2020, India’s population is set to hit 9 billion, the highest number in the world.

But India is a country where most of the population is under the age of 15, so how does a boy named Raju get the recognition he deserves?

In the country, Raju is the youngest boy named, with just over a year old.

He has a rare condition called rickets.

In this condition, rickets are an abnormal swelling of the bones, causing the bones to swell, making it difficult for them to bend and move.

Raju, who is an actor, has already taken on the role of a boy who must overcome the condition.

He said, “I was born with the condition, and have been learning about it since I was two years old.”

His mother, Pranab, said that she and her husband are not concerned about the fame of his name, but they are worried about the future of their son.

“We are very worried about his future, because we want him to have a normal life,” she said.

The condition affects only around 500 boys in the country and has no effect on the general population.

However, the condition has been associated with the development of rickets in young children, with one in three cases affecting boys.

The Indian government has made several efforts to encourage boys to get rickets-free, including making a national call-back policy.

However the government has also taken steps to restrict the number of children who are able to get the condition by making it harder to get an operation.

The government has tried to raise awareness of ricket conditions through educational activities and posters, but so far, the results are mixed.

In the latest report, published in December, the bureau said that the government was spending around 1.2 billion rupees ($20 million) to tackle the condition in children.

However this has not been enough to help more boys with the problem, as the government does not consider rickets to be a health problem.

“Rickets is a condition which affects children in different ways,” said Dr Rajesh Sharma, an orthopaedic surgeon at the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (IIMS).

“We need to look at different approaches to tackle it.”

Raju’s father is now trying to raise money for his son to get surgery, which is expected to cost around 10 million rupees.

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