Why does the population of Egypt keep growing?

The population of Cairo’s suburbs has risen more than 200 percent since 2011, the population bureau has revealed.

In fact, it says, the number of residents in the city has increased by nearly 1,300 percent since the mid-20th century.

The growth is not entirely due to the influx of refugees from the Middle East.

Instead, it reflects a larger population explosion, driven by rapid urbanization.

This, coupled with an explosion in fertility rates, has led to a population boom, which has made the region more diverse than ever.

However, as of this year, Egypt is still considered a one-party state.

While the government continues to fight a two-front war against the insurgency in the North Sinai, the country’s political system remains dominated by the military, which controls the courts and runs the country.

The two are locked in a vicious rivalry for control of Egypt’s population.

The country’s population is now the second largest in the world behind the United States.

With this population boom and its dramatic increase in the number and variety of its citizens, Egypt’s economy has been growing at an alarming pace, and its current account deficit is more than double the size of the country as a whole.

Egypt is the only Middle Eastern country that has yet to emerge from two years of economic crisis.

The economy has expanded by more than 5 percent annually over the past three years, while its inflation rate has been cut to under 2 percent.

The recent economic reforms have been hailed as one of the most important in recent history.

They have helped lift millions out of poverty and created thousands of new jobs.

However: despite the economic progress, the government has yet again failed to take steps to limit the spread of terrorism and extremism.

In the past two years, Egypt has been the target of a string of deadly attacks.

In March, a suicide bomber detonated his explosives-laden car at the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood, the influential opposition group that has dominated the country for decades.

Two weeks later, an attack by gunmen killed four people at the entrance to a Coptic church.

In January, two Islamic extremists attacked the offices of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church, killing more than 100 people.

The attack, which killed 27 people, was the worst mass murder of Copts in Egypt’s modern history.

In July, a series of suicide bombings killed at least 31 people at two churches in the Nile Delta town of Mansoura, while two gunmen killed 10 people at a Copts’ home in the capital, Cairo.

On August 6, a gunman shot dead a priest and two parishioners at St. Mark’s Basilica in the ancient city of Alexandria.

In August, a terrorist struck the U.S. Embassy in the Egyptian capital, killing two Americans and wounding three others.

On July 20, three gunmen attacked the Egyptian ambassador to the United Nations in Cairo.

The attackers killed the ambassador and three other U.N. staff members, and wounded two others.

The attacks were the deadliest on U.NS. personnel in Egypt since the 1979 revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

The government has failed to prevent or suppress any of these attacks.

Despite these attacks, Egypt continues to have a high rate of terrorist attacks, which the United Nation estimates have killed between 15,000 and 20,000 people.

It is important to note that the number is a low estimate.

There are no hard and fast rules for determining the true death toll.

The true death rate in Egypt is probably higher than the official count, because many of the attacks are carried out by lone gunmen or suicide bombers.

In May, for example, a bomb attack killed at most eight people, and a separate attack killed a woman and wounded a child.

On February 18, a bombing killed two people in a packed market in the Cairo suburb of Beit Hanoun.

A car bomb killed at a crowd of people, killing one person and injuring two others, before a suicide car bomber blew himself up.

In October, three men dressed in black, carrying Kalashnikov rifles and wearing balaclavas, carried out a deadly attack on a market in Alexandria, killing four people and wounding seven others.

In November, a car bomb exploded at a busy shopping street in the southern Egyptian city of el-Arish.

Four people were killed, including a security guard, when a suicide vehicle bomb detonated at the scene.

In December, a man with a Kalashnik rifle attacked a security checkpoint at a market, killing three people and injuring seven others, including one soldier.

A man with an assault rifle, who police said had been trained in the use of assault rifles, drove a truck into a crowd, killing five people, injuring nine others and wounding a policeman.

In June, an attacker with a knife attacked a checkpoint near a Cairo mall.

Police say the attack was the work of the Islamic State group.

In early August, an Islamic extremist attack in the heart of the capital killed at last three people, including two policemen. A suicide

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