How do we keep the nation safe after the Boston Marathon bombing?

By JOHN KOLMSTEINPublished: 04May18 07:37:18A day after the blasts on Sunday, the Boston Police Department says it has no plans to move any more people from the city’s crowded streets.

Police spokesman Paul Vance said they have no plans for a mass evacuation.

Police have made no arrests or taken any steps to investigate the bombings.

But on Tuesday, the FBI was called to investigate whether anyone was connected to the attack, the Associated Press reported.

“We are not moving people.

There’s no plans on that at this point,” Vance said.

Authorities said Sunday night that they believed the bombing was carried out by a lone attacker who detonated a backpack filled with pressure-cooker explosives.

“It’s a real, real good possibility that there was a person who got into the pressure cooker, who had access to pressure cookers,” Vance told reporters.

He said investigators were still trying to establish if the bomber or accomplices were responsible.

The FBI is also looking into whether someone planted pressure-cure bombs in the area.

The FBI has said that no explosives were found.

The blasts killed three people and injured nearly 200.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said Monday that the bombings are “a terrible loss of life.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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