Idaho population reaches 5 million, first in state in 40 years

Boise, Idaho – Idaho’s population reached 5 million people today as the state’s population hit a record 5.2 million, according to figures released today by the US Census Bureau.

The new record of 5.7 million is more than the total population of the state of Michigan at 5.4 million and the state as a whole at 5 million.

The bureau said the new total, for the 10-year period ending in March 2021, was more than double the population of all the counties in the state.

The population of Idaho has remained flat since it was first recorded in 1900, when it was more or less at its current level.

It has increased slightly since then, from around 5 million in 1900 to around 6.5 million today.

The state is home to more than 1 million people, according the bureau, while the population in the US is about 4.4 billion.