Which cities have the highest crime rates?

Costa Rica, Mexico and Guatemala are among the top five countries with the highest reported crime rates, according to a new report.

The report, which examined data from 2014, found that nearly half of the countries with high crime rates had populations of fewer than 5 million.

The report also found that Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Guatemala had the lowest crime rates in the Americas.

The countries with populations of more than 5,000 people also had the highest rate of violence per 100,000 inhabitants, the report found.

The study found that in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, the murder rate is nearly two times higher than the murder rates in Mexico.

It also found the murder ratio to be 2.0.

Costa Rica and Mexico have the second-highest murder rates, with 1,091,723 and 1,029,539 murders respectively, the study found.

Guatemala has the third-highest, with 779,955 murders.

The murder rate in El Paso, Texas is 11.5 per 100 and in El Rosario, Mexico, it is 14.6, the researchers said.

They also noted that in Guatemala, it was more than four times higher, with an average of 8.6 murders per 100 people.

In Honduras, the highest murder rate occurred in Tampico, the capital, where there were more than 20,000 murders, according the study.

In Guatemala, where the crime rate was 7,800, the average murder rate was 4.5 and the homicide rate was more that 15 per 100 persons.

In Honduras, that number was 11.9.

The average murder in El Escorial, Guatemala is about 4.9 per 100 residents and the average homicide is 4.2 per 100.

In El Salvador the murder and homicide rate were 4.4 and 4.3 per 100 in 2015 and 2016 respectively, while in Honduras it was 4 per 100 population, the authors said.

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