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Which dog breeds are the most popular in Alaska?

Anchorage, Alaska (AP) The Alaska population of the popular American Pit Bull Terrier is more than 70 percent male, and that’s up from the previous year, a study says.

The findings are a sign of Anchorage’s status as the breeding ground for many American Pit Bulls, which were reintroduced in the United States to fight a long-term epidemic of canine heart disease.

“It’s a great time to be an American Pit bull, and it’s a really strong breed,” said Mark DeRosa, president of the National Dog Breeders Association, which sponsors the International Society for Pit Bull Rescue.

In 2013, the state had 2,500 American Pit bulls.

Now, there are more than 12,000.

Some breeders are concerned the surge of American Pitbull Terriers could lead to the breed’s demise.

There is no national registry, and there are no official statistics for the breed.

Some states, including Washington and Idaho, don’t track the breed or breed-specific legislation.

DeRosa and his group, which has about 40,000 members, have lobbied state legislatures to regulate the breed and create an official registry.

It is not clear how the surge in American Pit dogs will affect the breed in the U.S. But DeRos said the surge is creating a huge demand.

A lot of the breeders and trainers are very optimistic about the future.

We’re not going to see the demise of the American Pit, he said.

But a group of veterinarians and other breeders has raised concerns.

American Pit Bull terriers are among the most dangerous dogs in the world, said Dr. Daniel Mazzocco, who is the president of a group called American Pit Dogs United, which opposes the breed being bred.

They are aggressive, and they don’t like other dogs, he told The Associated Press.

One breeder in Washington, D.C., said he’s not sure why the breed is growing so quickly in his city, which is about 70 percent female.

What do you think?

Should Alaska ban the breed?

Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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