White House’s new policy to increase diversity in ICE ranks, DHS official says

DALLAS — The new administration’s new plan to increase the diversity in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement ranks is “very positive,” a DHS official told Breitbart News.

“We’re seeing that ICE is becoming more diverse, more women are coming forward to come forward,” said a DHS Homeland Security official, referring to the increased numbers of Hispanic women who are coming to the United States.

“That has been positive.”

The official said the administration was working to develop a new policy that would increase the number of Hispanic and Asian officers in the ranks of ICE.

The official noted that the number and diversity of ICE agents has increased dramatically over the past few years, and the number is expected to continue to increase.

The officials comments came after Breitbart News reported on DHS officials new diversity strategy, which outlines plans to increase its diversity among the nation’s law enforcement agencies.

The plan was announced Tuesday at a White House press briefing, which also included DHS Director John Kelly.

The White House officials did not specify the number or nature of the new hires or the number that would be added to the workforce.

The new policy would increase both the number to officers and the diversity of the agency’s ranks.

The DHS officials comments come as several conservative organizations and news outlets have blasted the Trump administration for failing to implement a more progressive immigration policy than President Donald Trump.

The administration’s policy was praised by the conservative Heritage Foundation, which praised the new plan for “increasing diversity and promoting inclusion.”

“It is critical that the President’s administration implement policies that address racial and ethnic diversity at all levels of the federal government,” Heritage Senior Fellow Jason Richwine said in a statement.

“This plan will create a more diverse federal workforce by bringing the number in the workforce up to at least one officer per 100 people.”

The administration is also expected to announce the hiring of a diversity coordinator to oversee the hiring and retention of federal employees.

DHS has been criticized for not doing more to hire minorities and women, particularly in the enforcement branch, which has seen an increase in reports of sexual assault by Hispanic officers.

“Our nation has seen a dramatic increase in sexual assaults of women and minorities since the election,” the DHS official said.

“It is imperative that the new Administration takes this issue of sexual misconduct seriously, and that the U.S. Government’s policies and practices in this regard be made consistent with the principles of equal opportunity and equal opportunity under the law.”