America’s 10,000 most popular cities are getting more diverse with population increases

The 10,096 most popular US cities have more people over age 60 than the 10,030 most popular places in Mexico, according to a new report.

And while those cities are more diverse than ever before, the report shows that some cities are seeing population increases even as they are still seeing population losses.

According to a report from the Brookings Institution released Wednesday, the 10 cities that made the list of the most popular countries by population grew by a little more than 1.5 percent in 2020, but the population in those cities fell by 2.3 percent.

The most popular American cities, New York City and Los Angeles, saw population increases, but their populations were down by more than 8 percent.

But some of the biggest losses in the United States were in places like California, where population has been falling for decades and which had more than 5.4 million people in 2020.

The city of Riverside, California, had its population fall by nearly 20 percent in just 10 years.

Other major declines were seen in the big cities of Houston and Denver, both of which had population declines of at least 10 percent in less than a decade.

Houston’s population declined by 11 percent in 10 years, and the city of Denver had a population decline of 15 percent in a decade, according the report.

The population of the state of California fell by 7.3 percentage points in the same period.

But overall, the United Kingdom had the most diverse cities, with more than half of its residents in 2020 living in less-than-50-percent white communities.

The report found that white communities had nearly doubled in the past decade.

It also found that the United Nations has found that racial inequality is increasing in the world, with the average income of a white person living in the US now $2,890 higher than the average for a black person.