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In the wake of the Nevada State Legislature’s passage of the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Act (Proposition 215), the state is seeing a flurry of legalization efforts, including the filing of a lawsuit challenging the new law.

The lawsuit seeks to overturn a state ban on the sale of marijuana to minors.

Nevada’s legalization of medical marijuana is not without its critics, however.

Some say the state’s marijuana law is overly harsh, and that its use by recreational users has been overstated.

Nevada has more than 300 dispensaries in the state, and the state has seen an uptick in sales of medical cannabis.

With a population of approximately 3.4 million, Nevada’s population has grown at a rate of 4.6 percent per year over the past five years, according to the US Census Bureau.

There are currently roughly 9,000 licensed dispensaries across the state.

In 2020, there are estimated to be around 100,000 marijuana-related businesses in Nevada.

The average annual price of medical-marijuana products is currently $1,500, according the state Department of Taxation.

It is not clear if the law will result in increased prices.

Some critics have argued that the law is a step too far and that the price will be too high to make it economically viable.

Other critics, such as marijuana reform advocates, have argued the law provides a safe environment for medical-pot businesses.

Nevada passed the Compromise of Cannabis Laws in 2016, which legalized recreational marijuana use in the United States and banned medical use.

The state’s medical marijuana program will continue through 2021.

Nevada is not the first state to attempt to change the law to allow recreational marijuana.

Alaska is also considering legalizing marijuana use for adults, while New Hampshire and Washington state have both made changes to their marijuana laws.

As of July 1, the Nevada legislature had passed three bills that would legalize recreational marijuana, as well as one that would make it legal for individuals to grow and possess up to six plants.

These bills would be the first in Nevada to pass the state legislature, and have been opposed by the state government.

Nevada currently has no recreational marijuana sales.

However, it does have a handful of medical dispensaries that sell marijuana-infused products, such a medical-grocery store and an organic gardening center.

These are the largest dispensaries in Nevada, and are currently located in Reno, Las Vegas, and Las Vegas.

The new laws are expected to be passed on November 7, 2020.

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