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How to find your favorite TV show and show you’re really excited about

People in Massachusetts who voted in the 2016 presidential election have the most popular TV shows and movies, according to the CNN poll.

That’s because people who voted for Hillary Clinton are more likely to watch popular shows like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Stranger Things than the people who supported Donald Trump, the survey showed.

The CNN poll of more than 9,000 people in Massachusetts also found that Massachusetts voters are much more likely than the national average to be men, people of color, women and people ages 50 and older.

That means, on average, people in the Boston metropolitan area are more interested in popular shows and films.

The study also found people who live in Boston are also more likely not to be employed.

The city is a popular destination for summertime television, and the show, Game of Throne, has been a hit with viewers there.

A majority of Bostonians (59 percent) watched more than one show during the 2016 election, followed by New Hampshire (53 percent), New York (48 percent), California (47 percent), and Florida (47%).

The state is also home to a number of popular TV series, including The Walking Cat, The Blacklist, and House of Cards.

But people in Boston don’t always like watching the most recent show.

Only 6 percent of people in 2016 watched The Walking Man.

And less than half of Bostonites said they would watch more than two shows during the election.

But the poll also found there are a few shows that people in Maine, New Hampshire and New York would actually be interested in.

In Maine, for example, nearly two-thirds of people said they’d watch at least one of the shows, while just over a quarter of people there would watch at most two shows.

And in New Hampshire, a third of people who said they wanted to watch The Walking dead said they could.

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