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How to keep your food and water safe from bacteria, bugs, and viruses


Wash hands and feet thoroughly before eating or drinking.

Wash with soap and water to prevent skin irritation.2.

Do not use an electric razor or any sharp object or implement.

Use a blade if possible.3.

Avoid touching your eyes or nose.4.

Never use your hands or utensils in public places.5.

Wear rubber gloves to prevent contamination of your food.6.

Always follow the directions on your container for food.7.

Never touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with your hands.8.

Never share utensil with another person.9.

Never let your child eat raw or undercooked food.10.

Keep your container and utensile containers away from children.11.

Do NOT use any cleaning products on surfaces that could be contaminated.12.

Do what you can to keep the environment clean.13.

Wear protective clothing and wear a mask when washing dishes.14.

Avoid standing in the same area as other people or in public.15.

Avoid sitting or lying down during peak times.16.

Never put anything on your head, including a hairbrush, on the floor or on the ground.17.

Never hold hands with anyone who does not have a face mask or a head cover.18.

Do your best to wash all surfaces in your home with soap, water, and water-based detergent.19.

Do all household chores, including sweeping the floor, making sure no pets or children are left unattended, and using the toilet or sink regularly.20.

Always make sure your home is clean and free of filth.21.

Always have a clean, well-ventilated area at home to keep pests at bay.22.

Keep pets and children at least 3 feet away from any food and drink surfaces.23.

Use an electric hair dryer or dryer to dry clothes and hair.24.

Wash your hands after eating or sharing food.25.

Avoid getting dirty by sharing food with anyone other than your own children.26.

Use disposable paper towels, napkins, and utters, and avoid using them in areas where there is a high risk of bacteria or viruses.27.

Do everything in your power to keep food clean.