Trump says he has a ‘very good’ chance of winning Mexico’s presidential election

Donald Trump says that he has “a very good chance” of winning the presidency in Mexico, according to his most recent speech to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, which was delivered in Washington, D.C. The Republican nominee spoke in a private session with a group of scientists and others in a conference room on Capitol Hill, saying he was looking forward to “making Mexico great again” after losing the election to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

He also called for an end to illegal immigration, the “rigged system” and the “unfair trade deals” that he says are crippling the U.S. He did not specifically mention Trump by name, but the comments were clear enough that the presumptive GOP nominee is likely to be looking to capitalize on a national wave of anxiety that has already gripped Mexico and a growing number of other Latin American nations.

He is the first sitting U.N. president to speak to the Association of American Scientists, and his remarks were first reported by the AP news agency.

Trump has repeatedly attacked the president and his administration for the lack of progress toward his promised wall along the U,S.-Mexico border, which he said was necessary to prevent a flood of drugs from entering the U.-Mexico region.

Mexico, which has a population of about 11.4 million, has a long history of xenophobia, with some officials suggesting the country’s anti-immigrant laws are a direct result of decades of U. S. policy toward the region.

“We are in a race for the border,” Trump said.

“What is happening is the U-S has failed us.

We have failed Mexico.

We’re going to make Mexico great once again.”

Trump’s speech was part of a series of public events planned in the U.,S.

and Mexico over the coming days, as the country prepares for a presidential election that has been widely expected to be between the candidates of the Republican and Democratic parties.

He will address the AP’s Science in the Public Interest Summit on Thursday.

The event was first reported on by the Associated Press and confirmed by the UPMC.

It comes as Trump has sought to portray his administration as a champion of science and innovation and has promised to cut taxes on the wealthy.

In recent weeks, he has tried to draw attention to a number of science-related controversies, including his decision to pull the U S. out of the Paris climate accord, a decision that some scientists and other scientists have criticized as too much of a departure from scientific reality.

He has also called the Paris accord “a horrible deal.”

The AP’s report, which cites a source familiar with the event, says the Trump team plans to hold a press conference on Friday to discuss the speech.

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