When you get the news about the popular monster, the lyrics are ‘lucky’

When you hear the popular song “Happy Birthday” by the Los Angeles Angels, you might not think you’ve heard the lyrics.

The song was written by Michael Jackson and is considered by many to be one of the greatest pop songs ever written.

The lyrics are not particularly clever, but they have a special resonance in L.A. The city is home to a popular Disneyland amusement park, the Disneyland Hotel and the Disneyland-themed Disney California Adventure.

The theme park is home for many celebrities, including Bruce Springsteen and Prince Charles.

The popular song also contains the lyrics “lucky is the only way,” which is often used in sports to refer to a lucky play.

But that’s just one example of how the lyrics of “Happy Day” can be used to inspire others.

The lyrics of the popular track “Happy birthday to you, too” are a celebration of life and love.

They also say, “Happy day to you and yours, too.”

And they say, “‘Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday.'”

But if you’re reading this story, you’ve probably never heard of the song “Lucky” or its song lyrics.

You probably didn’t even know it existed.

It’s one of many popular songs that contain the phrase “loser,” according to ABC News.

And you probably didn.

ABC News’ Scott Doolittle contributed to this story.

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