Why I’m Leaving Texas for Montana

I am leaving for Montana for two reasons.

First, because I believe that Montana is one of the most important states in the nation and that the climate is changing rapidly.

Second, I believe in Montana’s ability to create opportunities for my kids and to help us get to a better future.

Montana is a state that is rich in history, culture, history, traditions and history’s greatest achievement.

My husband and I have lived in Montana our entire lives and have been blessed with wonderful experiences here.

We grew up in the state and have seen the impacts of the climate change firsthand, especially the impact on wildlife.

In our second year in Montana, we will continue to take advantage of the great natural beauty, wildlife and recreation opportunities in the area, and will continue on our mission to protect the environment and our communities.

For many, this is a decision that they will never make again.

I am proud to be leaving my family to move to Montana.