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Why ‘The Killing’ has the best anime trailer ever

When you’re looking for the perfect anime trailer, look no further than ‘The Killer.’

The original movie had a massive cult following thanks to its captivating performances and gorgeous cinematography, but ‘The King of Fighters’ was one of the first anime trailers to capture the zeitgeist and become one of YouTube’s most-viewed trailers.

Now, ‘The KK’ trailer is one of our favourites and one of those trailers that fans of the original will be asking for.

The trailer takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are on the verge of extinction, but thanks to the power of a mysterious “Gentleman” who can take the form of a young girl, the young people will become one with the world.

The trailer opens with a montage of iconic characters from the franchise, such as Keiko and Kaito, and we also see some of the characters’ love interests, as well as their parents and friends.

A couple of minutes later, we see a young boy named Saito, who we can clearly see in the trailer is from a family that has been saved from the apocalypse by the “Gentleman”.

He’s wearing a blue and white coat and has a big smile on his face, and he’s carrying a gun.

We’re introduced to Kaito and his best friend, Maki, who both seem to be of a very different age.

Maki’s a girl who’s a bit shy, but Saito has a lot of energy and likes to be with girls.

The two of them are talking about how they’ll meet a boy called Yashiro and how they’re going to help him fight against his enemies.

Then, we cut to a shot of YashIRO, who has been transformed into a young man by the Gentleman.

He’s holding a huge gun, and Maki is standing next to him.

Yashiro’s excited and is looking forward to meeting his new friends.

As he’s looking towards them, we get a glimpse of the gun that Yashiri is holding and the “Killer” appears before us.

We’re introduced into the world of the “King of Fighters” and the trailer shows us the world as it is, which is the very opposite of the world that the movie was set in.

We see the people of the KK, who are fighting against the forces of the Gentlemen.

It’s a great trailer and we love the movie so much that we watched it again and again during the trailer’s two weeks on YouTube, even after we saw the final trailer.

We even watched it with our kids, and it was so much fun!

The trailer is perfect for anyone who’s not familiar with the franchise.

If you’re a fan of the genre, ‘Killer’ is the perfect trailer for you, because it’s all about the action.

You’re looking at a world where the world is at war, where a young people who have been saved by the Gentleman are about to meet a mysterious young man.

We can’t wait to see what happens when the two of these characters meet up.

The best part is that this trailer isn’t just a trailer.

It’s a whole film and that makes it really, really special.

You can watch it here: