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What the data tells us about the future of Detroit’s adult population

By now you’ve probably noticed that the number of Detroit residents ages 18-64 increased by nearly 4% in the first quarter of 2018.

That’s right, the number jumped to 4.9 million, a number that jumped even further after the city’s budget crisis.

In terms of percentage growth, Detroit’s population has grown by nearly 3.5 million since its 2015 peak of more than 6.4 million, and we can expect the city to continue to grow for a while yet.

While Detroit has the dubious distinction of having one of the largest populations in the country, the population of its metropolitan area is also growing at a rapid pace.

That growth is likely due to factors such as increased job growth, population growth and the influx of residents and retirees.

According to the US Census Bureau, Detroit grew by nearly 1.3 million residents between January and March of 2018, and the city now has a population of more, not fewer, than 1.2 million.

Detroit also has a relatively large Hispanic population, which has been steadily growing in recent years.

Detroit has also experienced a spike in the number and percentage of adults ages 18 to 64.

This is a fairly new development and, despite the city having an estimated 1.4 billion residents, the percentage of Detroiters ages 18 and over grew by more than 20% in just the first three months of 2018 alone.

The percentage of residents ages 25-64 rose by 7.3% over the same period, and it is likely that the city is on track to surpass 2 million adults ages 25 and over by the end of this year.

However, as of now, Detroit is nowhere near that number, and its population growth has slowed considerably.

Detroit’s Population Growth Rate and Population Growth Rates by State in the U.S.

A growing population is good news for the economy and is a good sign for a thriving economy.

But, it’s not good news when it comes to the health of the population, as Detroit’s growth rate is only about half of that of New York City, which experienced a 25% growth rate in its population from 2014 to 2018.

New York City’s population growth rate has slowed significantly since the early 2020s, but it has a long way to go before it can catch up with Detroit’s pace of growth.

In fact, New York has the third highest population growth in the nation, but that growth rate will likely slow to the point where it falls behind the cities of New Orleans and Miami in the coming years.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that the population growth rates of cities and states are only estimates, and not accurate, especially when looking at large metropolitan areas like New York.


if you are looking for some ways to see how Detroit’s city population is doing relative to other cities, it can be helpful to use a few of these handy tools to find out.

Here are a few more key points to keep an eye out for when it is time to compare the growth rates for Detroit and other cities:The number of adults 18-34 grew by 5% in 2018 compared to the first half of 2018 in Detroit, the largest increase of any city.

That was up from a 3.6% growth over the previous year.

That jump in age was largely driven by a higher-than-expected increase in the percentage for adults ages 35-54, up from 3.4% to 4% overall.

The growth rate for residents ages 35 to 54 grew by a whopping 25%, or by more that a quarter, with the highest growth occurring in the city of Detroit.

That increase was up almost 2.5% over last year, and Detroit’s young adults have grown faster than their elders.

The city’s aging population is expected to continue for some time to come.

While the percentage growth in residents ages 55-64 was the slowest among the cities surveyed, that growth was mostly driven by an increase in residents who are aged 55-65.

The growth rate of this age group in Detroit dropped from 2.4 to 2.2% over just the past year.

The rate of growth in people ages 65 and over is also down slightly, from 2% to 2%.

However, Detroit has seen an increase of nearly 2% in its older population over the past decade.

That is partly due to a higher percentage of younger people in the older age groups, and partly due the city experiencing its first significant population decline in the past five years.

In addition, the city has seen a significant drop in its elderly population, a decline of about 25% over its peak of 4.4%.

As for those who are under the age of 65, the rate of population growth for this group is also very similar to the rate for the younger age group.

The overall rate of decline is slightly slower than the overall rate for all groups, but still a considerable decline.

The most recent Census Bureau data from 2018, on the other hand, shows that Detroit has

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