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Who’s Next? | The New York Times

A couple of months ago, the New York City Police Department announced that it would be taking the lead on a nationwide initiative aimed at stopping the “disproportionately” high number of people of color and people with disabilities in the city.

The program is called “Black Lives Matter.” 

The plan is being led by the NYPD’s Intelligence Division, and it will be implemented over the next two years, with the goal of targeting the “dysfunctional” policing of Black people and the disproportionate police violence of Black men.

The plan will require officers to wear body cameras and, among other things, require that they are held accountable when they are involved in an altercation with a Black person.

The NYPD’s plan comes at a time when the department is under intense criticism from the Black community and is also facing a significant number of police shootings. 

The New Orleans police department announced last week that they had taken the lead in the new initiative, following a number of other police departments that have been under fire over the past few years. 

In March, The New Yorker reported that a New York Police Department sergeant had been charged with murder in the killing of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man who died in July of last year while in police custody.

Garner was reportedly choked by the officer for almost two minutes. 

The NYPD announced that after Garner’s death, it would begin to monitor its officers in order to identify any problems. 

Since the Garner killing, the NYPD has also faced protests over its use of excessive force against civilians.

Last week, the department announced it was launching a new program called “Equal Employment Opportunity” that will allow police departments to hire, promote, and fire employees for reasons other than race. 

Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that the NYPD would be considering firing its most senior officer, Bill Bratton, for allegedly retaliating against Black protesters. 

Bratton has said that he was unaware of the decision until the New Yorker article was published, but that he did not find out about the plan until the next day. 

Following the Garner death, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called for Bratton’s firing, and the New Yorkers attorney general has filed suit against Bratton. 

There has also been criticism of the NYPD for its treatment of black people. 

Earlier this month, a group of black women’s rights advocates filed a lawsuit against the department, alleging that the department has a history of racial profiling, and has used racial slurs to refer to Black people.

In the complaint, they claim that they have been verbally harassed, threatened, and even assaulted by officers, with one woman claiming that one officer yelled “F–k your motherf–k” at her in response to her questioning about whether she was being paid to have sex with an undercover cop. 

This month, the Black Lives Matter movement gained momentum after the death of Freddie Gray, a black man in Baltimore, who was arrested after he was pulled over by police and arrested for jaywalking. 

Gray died in police hands after a struggle with officers who were searching for him, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The New York Post reported that Gray’s death sparked a nationwide conversation about policing. 

After the shooting, many Black people took to the streets in protest.

The protest turned violent, and police were injured. 

But in response, many other groups, including police, have condemned the violence and called for calm. 

Several people were injured in the protests, and New York police have been on high alert for a possible repeat of last week’s protests. 

A number of prominent Black leaders have also condemned the protests and called on the police to stop their excessive use of force. 

On Tuesday, former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon announced that she was resigning from the city council and that she would be stepping down as chair of the NAACP, which has historically opposed the use of police force.

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