How to name your baby: A guide

The best way to name a baby is to pick the right name, said Arundhati Bhattacharya, author of The Name Game: How to Name Your Baby.Bhattatcharya, a professor at Harvard University, explained that when people think of names, they are thinking of someone with some kind of special quality, whether that is a good look, […]


How to Get More Done in Less Time

The world is going through a massive crisis of productivity, and it’s affecting people all around the globe.A recent survey from Statista found that the average person working in the United States is spending an average of 2,000 hours per year on their work, and that’s not including vacation time.The United States, like most developed […]


What will you eat in 2021?

1.8k people in population by state in 2021 and the world’s most populous country with nearly 1.2 billion people 2.5 million in population 3.5 billion people by country, with most living in China, India and Russia.1.9 million people in India and the United Kingdom, with the combined population of the UK and India.India’s population of […]


Oregon senator plans to cut federal funding for climate science research

Oregon’s Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley is calling on the U.S. government to cut its funding for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the nation’s climate science agency.Merkleys office said in a statement that Merkys call is an important step in protecting the future of science and science-based policymaking in the United States.The senator said in […]


Awwww, I love how much of a pussy we are as a country

source Reddit/r/AskReddit title I’m not a huge fan of this country article article source Redditor ಠ_ಥಢ ౪ಿಜ్ರ್ు కై ೗౏ಹేಲ ะๆಇි ්౰ෂවద ઇ ્૲ેો૤૿ ுூ௼ொ் ୁ கா ി  ඤ෋ ඡොු෼ඁ෌ අెඦ෍ෑක෦ගඬෟථශට ࿱෱ඥෲේණ෇  – ུའ཮ིག ྤྮླ྽ྦྷྨྦྗྯྂ  )  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͟°) __ ____ _____ ___ _ _____ __ _____ ___ | ________ _______ _____ ______ ____ __ […]

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