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Being a world’s business core, Gulf uplifts thousands of jobs every year for both unskilled labours and skilled professionals. To live and work in Gulf you need to have residency visa. The permanent residence visa then permit emigrants to get Gulf working Visa.

It is always good to have good quantity of information before applying for jobs in other countries. Likewise you should be conscious of the basic labour laws of Gulf so you do not get in any suffering on your arrival or during your stay in Gulf. We are, directing you with the elementary procedures of getting Gulf working Visa. People from different nationalities have to satisfy different criteria to get a valid visa to enter United Arab Emirates

These are some different types of visas offered by UAE:

Diplomatic Visa -

This is given to those individuals who hold a diplomatic passport and are going to the country on authorised visits.

Visit Visa -

This visa can be used for purposes ranging from staying relatives to working in business. It is valid for a period of 2 months and needs to be supported by proper documents. Individual should have a guarantor in the UAE in order to get this visa.

Tourist Visa -

This visa is a revised version of the visit visa. It is valid for a period of 30 days and cannot be prolonged. People can apply for this visa through a hotel or a licensed tour agency.

Entry Service Permit Visa -

Folks who are required to accomplish certain tasks by their company in the UAE are eligible for this visa. Their physical existence in the UAE should be compulsory in order for them to obtain this visa. Under this visa, they are eligible to stay in the country for 14 days. Their family can also go along with them on this visa.

Multiple Entry Visa -

This is intended for those who spend a significant time in UAE/Gulf. It is valid for a period of 6 months, enabling a person to stay in the country for 30 days at a time. Individuals should first enter the country on a visit visa in order to be qualified for this visa. Once they are in the country, they can then apply for a multiple entry visa.

Visa on arrival -

This facility is given to those citizens from certain countries, the Pacific region and Western Europe. This visa has a validity of 60 days, with addition of time permitted only under certain conditions.

Transit Visa

This visa is given to individuals who reach the Gulf International Airport en route to different country. Valid for a time of 96 hours, it can be availed if one is spending more than 8 hours in the country. This visa can be attained only if the applicant is sponsored by the airline they are travelling in.

How you can get a visa for Gulf

Attaining a visa to visit Gulf is not very difficult, if one has all the appropriate documents with them. There are a number of certified travel agencies who can support in the process, with it possible to apply for a UAE visa through them. Folks can download the visa application form from the internet and enter some basic details like their purpose of visit, name, address, marital status, passport details, nationality, local contact in the UAE, and past applications, if any. The required fee needs to be paid with the application, with the authorities giving the visa based on their circumspection.

People who are from certain countries with whom UAE has close diplomatic ties can get a 30 day visa on arrival, with no need to apply for a visa if their stay is under 30 days. This visa does not cost any charge or any kind of fee.

Also, individuals who are flying in the country through an Emirates flight can apply for a Gulf visa online, through the official portal of the airline. You can do this by using the “manage a booking” tab on the website. It should be noted that this can only be done if one has purchased a ticket from the airlines.

Documents Required

Individuals who wants to apply for a UAE visa will need to submit supportive documents in order for their application to be further processed. These are some of the basic documents which should be submitted to obtain the visa:

Proof of income -

This is asked only under certain conditions. It is used to check whether an applicant has enough assets to visit and stay in the country.

Travel itinerary

Applicants should give some information about their travel plans, also the date of arrival and departure. All flight details should be stated with the application. Individuals who are applying for a transit visa should provide proof of ahead travel. This means that they should give information about their flight ticket out of Gulf.

Passport -

Applicants should have a valid passport with adequate blank pages. The passport must not expire within 3 months of travel. The information of the applicant should be evidently visible in the first pages.


Applicants need to submit a recent photograph of themselves with their application.

Proof of residence

This applies in those cases where there is a difference between the permanent residency status and the present nationality of an applicant.



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