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New Zealand is one of the calmest, dirt and secure countries to survive, work and get established everlastingly. Outstanding road and rail network, temperate climate, striking landscape beauty, low joblessness rate, family friendly settings, respectable economy and little residents, makes New Zealand one of the best places in the world to inhabit.

New Zealand is home to eight world ranking universities that offer diverse courses.

New Zealand is kinder to international students about the entry necessities in standardized tests such as SAT/ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, and GMAT. The universities in NZ require relatively lower scores than say, a university in US or UK. The cost of living, tuition fees, and accessibility fees are also reasonable and more inexpensive in contrast to other popular countries for international students.

The cities in NZ are very student-friendly, safe, and the natives are very welcoming and progressive. Their culture is easy-going and politically stable and as a result, you get to meet a lot of friendly and peace-loving people.

You will be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week through your semester on student visa in NZ! This can be convenient for you to supplement your education in a foreign land. Additionally, you can gain a ‘work permit’ besides your visa for two years after your course ends.

If you are planning to migrate to New Zealand, our professionals will direct you through the entire immigration process and help you get a visa in the shortest possible time. There are a numerous migration options that are presented by the New Zealand government.


Skilled Migration Visa

If you have skills, knowledge or understanding that New Zealand desires you may be able to be appropriate..

Bussiness Immigration

Business and shareholder visas give permission to people who can add to New Zealand’s economy to..

Student Visa

ny person enrolling as an international student on a course of study enduring three months or more..

Work Visa

If you are scheduling to work in New Zealand and you are not a citizen or everlasting inhabitant..

Family Visa

Under certain family categories, you are eligible to apply for residence if you are the parent or..


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